It is an honor and a pleasure to write this recommendation for Laura and
her “Manage It" program. She is professional, clear, honest and trustworthy. I
have a great appreciation and respect for her and her work.

I began my work with Laura about 9 months ago, and shortly after I was
amazed by her accuracy. She hit the nail right on the head regarding core
financial issues.

Since that time, we have developed balance sheets, that include history of
income and expenses. I have learned how to trim my finances by setting goals
and keeping books on a regular basis.

Laura has given me insight for my financial future and taught me the power
of finances, absolutely, a time well spent.

Laura Walton is a wonderful guide for anyone who wants to learn or improve money

management skills. In the time we worked together, I found Laura to be sincerely

engaged and committed to improving my financial situation. She is a great source

of information and practical ideas. I always felt safe and comfortable discussing the

state of my debt, income, and money concerns with her. She has a nonjudgmental,

gentle, but persistent (in just the right way), approach. Her dedication will go a long

way in truly helping people.






We thoroughly enjoyed going through this process with you and it was exactly what we needed.  Your approach was wonderful, you made us feel comfortable right away and I never felt like you were judging us for past mistakes we might have made – you really helped us look to the future and not dwell on the past and to move forward in a positive direction.  I really appreciated you taking the time to actually sit with us and make a budget, it’s something we could have done on our own but it was a lot more meaningful to do it with you and I really feel like it is something we can and will stick to. I’m very thankful to you for the time you spent with us and I would certainly recommend you to personal contacts in the future.





Where does the money go? Why are we having difficulty making ends meet when we seem to make a sufficient income? These are the questions I nonchalantly asked aloud during an appointment with our financial advisor. He more seriously suggested that I meet with Laura Walton, who would help us in outlining a budget for our household expenses so that we could have an easier time living within our retirement means.


Over the course of two appointments, I learned a great deal from Laura about how to shape up our home finances by cutting costs and planning ahead. After tracking our expenses for a couple of months, I was astounded at the figures. So I listened to Laura's suggestions regarding cell phone plans, cutting utility costs, mortgage considerations, travel savings plans, and planning ahead for long-term care. Laura educated me in the areas where we fell above/below the national averages. I never felt any judgment on Laura's part; she made the process fun and enlightening.


I am hopeful that with some spending discipline and our new practice of saving, we can plan ahead for the things we love to do in our retirement.  It all started falling into clearer view with Laura's help.  I look forward to putting my new budget into practice! 


S. H.



Four months ago we could barely keep our account over $3000, but since we started working with TCI Wealth Advisors and Laura Walton at Fine Line Financial, our account is over $12,000. We have saved more than $9000 in just a couple months! 


M. T. D.



Thank you so much for taking us through this process! We really enjoyed working with you and are so pleased with the results of your guidance. And, we appreciate all of the additional information that you sent our way. Laura, you are really good at what you do and we look forward to being able to report some success back to you! Thank you for your interest in working with us and for an excellent job on your part.


J. O.



Laura, it is July 27th and this is the first full month on our budget. The budget that you helped us with is really working well. We are 100% on target and no one is more surprised than Jacki and I!

Thank you for an outstanding job in guiding us and for your encouragement. Our next step is to plan the anniversary trip for his fall! Thank you again.


J. O.



I invited Laura to make a presentation to my clients and colleagues regarding common spending pitfalls that afflict our personal and professional financial health. Laura's presentation was informative, interesting, and fun. A terrific and engaging presenter, she took complex topics and broke them down step by step. Everyone was very impressed by her content as well as her delivery of it. I recommend Laura's presentation to anyone interested in learning what motivates their financial choices and how to change those choices for the better. Laura is terrific!"


Stephanie Rising

Canyon Concepts



Laura worked with our client with great results. She is patient and respectful and I would definitely use her again. She is professional, smart and trustworthy.


Frances Lynch, Bache & Lynch, Personal Injury Attorneys


I didn’t have a chance to thank you for such a great presentation.  Well thought out, well supported and most importantly, at least for me, delivered in a gentle and non-threatening way.  I would feel very comfortable referring to you after experiencing first hand your demeanor and approach. Thank you again.  I learned a lot!! 

Merideth Bliss, Paralegal, Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC


My employer offered and paid for Laura's services and how grateful I am to both my employer and Laura! Laura's knowledge and expertise have been an asset to our financial planning. Initially I was concerned that Laura and/or my co-workers would be judgmental but everything was confidential and Laura began by sharing her personal financial history, making us 100% comfortable to being honest and open about our situation. More employers should offer Laura's services to their employees because Laura's guidance and exercises help reduce money stresses which in turn makes for a better employee.


Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation on Monday. The attendees were extremely happy and so am I. You deliver in such an easy-to-follow, conversational way that it keeps your audience engaged. I want to have you on again soon.

"It's Your Money" series presented at Sun City Vistoso Community Center