Manage It


We’re inundated with advice about how to handle our money – websites, books, and personal finance experts.  However, every person’s finances are completely different from the next so one-size-fits-all advice often comes up short. And, this information overload leaves people confused, not knowing where to start or, in the end, abandoning their good intentions in frustration.  The Manage It program is custom-designed to meet your needs, to get you started and to keep you on track.


4 meetings, 6 months


Meeting #1:  You’ll complete a 40 question survey prior to the meeting.  This gives me an insight to your present financial situation and to your attitudes towards money.  We’ll meet, talk about your financial issues and discuss the Manage It program.  If we both feel that working together will be productive, we’ll schedule a second meeting in 30 days.  Your homework for the second meeting will be to gather your financial information as well as to record all your expenses for those 30 days.


Meeting #2:  A lot of work takes place during this meeting.  Using the information you’ve gathered, we’ll prepare a personal financial statement and an income and expense statement.  We’ll look at your debt and liquidity ratios.  We’ll create a budget for the next 12 months. We’ll review your credit report along with your insurance coverage.  In each of these steps, we’re likely to find issues (spending, credit, income, savings, etc.) that need to be addressed.  We’ll set goals and create an action plan to resolve each issue.  We’ll schedule a third meeting in 60 days. 


Meeting #3:  At this meeting you will have been working with your budget for two months.  We’ll review how it’s working and make necessary adjustments.  We’ll discuss your progress on your action plans to resolve each of the issues uncovered in the prior meeting and make any necessary adjustments to those plans.  And we’ll address any new issues that may have come up.  We’ll schedule the fourth and last meeting in 90 days.


Meeting #4:  By this last meeting, you will have been working in the Manage It program for six months.  We’ll go through the same steps as in Meeting #3 – reviewing the budget and your goals.  We’ll make sure your budget for the next six months is achievable and set new goals as necessary.  You’re now ready to Manage It on your own!    


Your job


You have to decide that you want to make a change to your financial life.  And, you have to devote the time necessary to collect the financial information needed to plan that change.  Once you’ve collected that information, it’s easy to maintain and update.  In fact, it’s rewarding to track your progress as you see yourself moving towards your goals.


My job


My job is to teach you how to assess your current financial situation, set goals and make a plan to achieve those goals.  I will serve as your accountability coach to keep you moving through the process.  I will also help by distilling the vast amount of personal financial information down to what is useful to you.




The four meetings in the Manage It program (about seven hours) plus my availability by phone and email over the six months costs $500.  My experience is that clients quickly recoup that investment through better management of their money.  And, those savings in addition to the benefits of setting and achieving financial goals compound year after year.
More than what you need?
Consider a Financial Tuneup - a two meeting process to assess your current finances and create a budget that will support your financial goals.