About Us

Laura Walton
Why personal finance  I have always been interested in personal finance.  I graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Arizona after which I was hired into a 2½-year management training program with a Tucson savings and loan institution.  When I left at the end of five years, I was managing their 12 branches offices in Tucson.  I then became a licensed real estate agent and managed both residential and commercial properties.  While in real estate, I personally guaranteed a note on a high-end residential development at the then height of the real estate market.  The timing was bad and I, along with the other investors, ended up filing personal bankruptcy.  I am careful to include this chapter in my past because it gives me a personal understanding of the result of a poor financial decision.  So, in my early 40’s, I found myself without a job, no credit and little cash.  A friend suggested I sell print advertising.  Never having thought of myself as a salesperson, I reluctantly agreed to interview for the job and was hired on a “let’s see how you do” basis.  Turned out I liked it and spent 13 years representing Madden Media’s tourism publications in Arizona, recognized for highest sales volume the last four years in a row.  The time had come to consider my encore career.  Having seen, time after time, the positive difference good personal financial practices can make, I’ve chosen to specialize in personal finance.  My commitment is to work with individuals, one-on-one, to assess their finances, set goals, create action plans, and provide them the foundation they need to build a secure financial future. 


Who I serve  I believe there is a large segment of the population that is underserved by the financial community.  Most financial advisors require their clients to have a minimum amount of assets to qualify for their services.  Those that don’t are left to get their questions answered by institutions or individuals whose advice is often influenced by the products they sell.  My purpose is to provide unbiased personal financial education.  I don’t give investment advice or do debt counseling; instead I work one-on-one to educate clients so they can build a secure financial future.  To learn, change and prosper.